Teaching Philosophy


            When it comes to teaching, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level I believe in the importance of having a 2-way interaction with the students. A lecturer must be aware that the ability to successfully deliver the content of a lecture to the students is not an indicator that knowledge has been successfully transferred to them. Thus it is essential to get the students themselves involved in the T & L process. As much as possible methods such as AL, CL and PBL are used in the classes that I teach. Although there are constraints to the implementation of these methods, I have detected their positive impacts  on the students not only in terms of their ability to understand concepts but also in improving their focus and interactions in the classroom. On my part, good teaching practice include:

  • Constant updating of knowledge in areas related to the course that I teach through my involvement in research and consultation
  • Constant updating of knowledge in T & L methods that can bring better impact on the students' ability to understand and appreciate engineering concepts