Teaching Methodology


            In general courses related to Power Electronics is not a favourite among the students. Thus it is indeed a challenge to make the courses as interesting as possible for the students to appreciate. The approach that I have taken towards this are as follows:

  • Use of non-conventional T & L methods which include AL, CL and PBL as part of  course delivery
  • Get immediate feedback from students at the end of class (2 minute paper). This can be done at least once  a week so that any problems faced by students whether in understanding the lecture or in coping with the delivery method will be known and can be rectified beforehand.
  • Show relevant videos on concepts and applications relevant to the courses as much as possible.
  • Return tests and assignments (with comments) promptly so that students can get the detail feedback of their work for improvement in future tests or assignments.
  • Use of e-learning as one of the platform for interaction with students ( forum, announcements, lecture slides download etc.).
  • Use of simulation tools such as Matlab/Simulink in enhancing the students' understanding on the course concepts.