Teaching Goals


            If I am given the opportunity to devote myself fully to teaching, the following are the goals that I hope to achieve:

  • Expand the use of problem-based learning as a T&L method in the courses I teach, whether postgraduate and undergraduate.
  • On time delivery of marked assignments or tests to the students for feedback purposes.
  • Conduct proper research on the effectiveness of new T&L methods to the performance of students in my power electronics related courses that are often thought as difficult courses.
  • Incorporate laboratory work that relates to the topics that are being taught in class to enhance the students' understanding on a particular concept.
  • Include industry related substance in the courses I teach such as industrial visits, talks etc. to expose the students to the "real world"
  • Write a book on perhaps " Teaching Electrical Engineering Effectively" and a technical book on perhaps " Inverters: Concepts and Current Trends".