Efforts to Improve Teaching


            As an effort to improve teaching, I make it a point to register myself in courses related to T & L offered by UTM's CTL at least once a year. For instant, a few of the courses that I have attended that are related to PBL only are as follows:

  • Critical Thinking Workshop
  • PBL Workshop : Planning and Implementation
  • PBL Workshop : Self-evaluation, Review and Improvisation
  • Workshop on PBL Exposure and Further Training among Deputy Deans, Head of Departments and Faculty Resource Staff in UTM
  • Workshop on Further Exposure to PBL for PBL Resource and Faculty CL-PBL Support Group
  • E-learnng for PBL Workshop

       I have also attended several courses organized by AKEPT that are mostly related to improving T & L in higher education.In addition, in line with the aspirations of engineering education in Malaysia that are inclined towards Outcome based Education (OBE), I have listened to various talks and presentations that are related to that. The knowledge on OBE has allowed me to conduct my classes in such a way that would facilitate the measurement of the level of course outcomes achievement that eventually maps to the program outcome achievement.
        The research and consultation work that I am involved in has been very helpful in providing real world inputs to the students learning. On this aspect, it is essential for me to be up to date with the current technology in my area of expertise. This has been made possible through my participation in technical conferences organized by professional bodies throughout the years, in addition to the reading of technical journals, magazines and other relevant materials. My knowledge in using simulation tools such as Matlab/Simulink has also been an asset to the courses that I teach especially in verifying designs. I am constantly updating myself in this area too as various changes and improvement have been mode on the software since I  first started using it in 1997. The software integration with hardware such as microcontrollers and digital signal processors is also an area that I need to further explore on hands-on basis as part of my effort in improving teaching.